"Shannon has helped me maintain my health and wellness since retiring from pro Football. Her professionalism and knowledge of the body helps me continue living a active life. In previous treatments I received without the A.B. Diffuser it was hard for me to breathe because I would get congested. The A.B. Diffuser is a game changer. "




"I have been a client of Shannon Allen, an accomplished massage therapist, for close to a decade. While each of our sessions has always been highly effective in improving my overall health, my massage experience was transformed into something like no other when she introduced her new diffuser product, the AB Diffuser.  As a person with mild asthma and terrible allergies, my breathing during massage sessions has always been labored.  However, I have found this breakthrough product to be highly effective in helping open my airways and allow me to fully immerse myself in a state of total relaxation. I definitely recommend any therapist looking to differentiate their treatment protocol to implement the AB Diffuser. They will immediately see a positive impact on their clients in taking massage therapy to a new level. "

 Lou Paletta



 "I’ve been getting professional massages regularly for 15 years and I love the smell of the oils.  Unfortunately that part is so fleeting — until now. 

With this product, I get the benefit the entire time I’m receiving my massage!  I love this product and am very excited to see it go to market and be a success."

 Darla Beam