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Epsom/Pink Himalayan salt blend

Coconut Milk Powder

Fine Dried Peach Powder




Sweet Orange


Juniper Berry


Soak , reflect and become your own financial healer.

Money is just an energy.

If you can understand energy, you can understand money.

 Take the pressure off looking at money as all powerful, start becoming friends with it and treat it as just another energy in this infinite universe.

Fill your bath with desired temperature water add Abundance swirl with your foot.

Light some candles and burn a cinnamon stick for protection, awareness and warmth.

Step into your bath, close your eyes place one hand on your heart and one in your belly.

Take a deep breath and in your minds eye, see yourself exactly where you are surrounded by beauty.

From that big beautiful heart of yours, see a wave of gratitude out for this moment. Breathe into that feeling.

Then send out gratitude for your home, the money that you do have, your aliveness, your abundance.

Send a wave of gratitude for this moment.

Breathe into that space.


Sit and soak in your medicine you've created.




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