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AB Massage Table Diffuser

Weight: 3.30 Ounces
Height: 11.00 Inches
Width: 9.00 Inches
Depth: 1.50 Inches
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The AB Diffuser, with its innovative and sleek design that looks great on any massage table or chair was truly designed to solve the issue of congestion during a massage. The diffuser will assist aromatherapy delivery and allows the airway to open up while face down on the massage table.The AB Diffuser will enhance the client's overall breathing experience and relaxation. Using the AB Diffuser will create the best results for your clients, making you the hero of the day. This product includes 2 aroma refill pads.



Customer Reviews (7)

Great Idea!

Posted by Happy User on Sep 27th 2018
I’m not a massage professional but having used the diffuser during my massage, really helped me relax! It was nice to smell the oils consistently without having a hand or tissue waved in front of your face. Great idea of a product!

AB Diffuser

Posted by Jimmy on Aug 13th 2018
The first thing my client noticed as soon as she laid down was how much the aroma surrounded her, and it lasted through out the massage. As a massage therapist, the AB diffuser is efficient, easy to use, neatly out of the way, and simple to change oils. The oils are more effective since they are directly underneath you. This is greatness!


Posted by Ashlee Luna on May 26th 2018
Amazing product. Geniusly design by a passionate professional.


Posted by Rene Isip on May 26th 2018
I have been a client of Shannon for over five years. Shannon has helped keep my muscles healthy. With each session we always start with what oils should we use and which fragrance would help me relax. I have been fortunate to experience the diffuser from its inception. The value of the diffuser is helping me experience the aroma all through my massage session. The diffuser helps me relax so much that many times I fall asleep during the massage. I have tried other spa treatments when traveling but no treatment compares to the massages that I get from Shannon.


Posted by Ivan on May 25th 2018
This creative and genius device has taken my massage experience to the next level of relaxation.. love the fact that I don’t get congested during my massage and the scent it provides the whole time. Just awesome!!

❤️ The AB Diffuser

Posted by Margaret Harris on May 24th 2018
The first time I had a massage with the AB Diffuser on the table it was an amazing experience. My therapist told me it would help me breathe better during my massage and it did! I love this product!

Im in!

Posted by Mike on May 24th 2018
So great to have my favorite peppermint fragrance during the entire massage. Absolutely a huge bonus for your massage table!!!
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